Directions Test

NAME: ___________________________________________________________________________

1. Read all of the following directions before you do anything. 

2. Print your name, last name first then your first name and middle initial (if you have one), at the top of the page.

3. Draw a line through the word "all" in direction 1.

4. Underline the word "directions" in direction 1.

5. In direction 2, circle the words "your first name."

6. In direction 3, place an "X" in front of the word "through."

7. Cross out the numbers of the even-numbered directions above.

8. In direction 7, cross out the word "above" and write the word "below" above it.

9. Write "Following directions is easy" under your name at the top of the page.

10. In direction 9, add the following sentence after the word "page": "That's what you think!"

11. Draw a square in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

12. Draw a triangle in the lower left-hand corner of this page.

13. Place a circle in the center of the square.

14. Place an "x" in the center of the triangle.

15. Now that you have read all of the directions as instructed in direction 1, follow directions 2 and 16 only.

16. Please do not give away what this test is about by saying anything or doing anything to alert your classmates.  If you have reached this direction, make believe you are still writing.  See how many of your classmates really know how to follow directions.

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