Science Project Board Layout


How will .... affect ....?



If .... then .... because ....


Background Information

(related to the hypothesis.)

Use this section to explain the scientific thinking behind the hypothesis (the "because..." part of the hypothesis.


Investigative Design

Write the five (5) components of Investigative Design here (Independent Variable, levels of the IV, number of trials, Dependent Variable, and constants.)

Option: display a table of graphic organizer containing this information.


The effect of .... on ....


Approval Slip

Given when project has been approved.



State: Was the hypothesis supported or not supported by the data.


Construct a scientific explanation: a scientific explanation connects the results of this investigation to other scientific knowledge already available on the topic.  A scientific explanation consists of:

     a) claim

     b) evidence supporting

         the claim

     c) reason(s) for the


Reflections: possible sources of experimental error or unexpected results.

Next steps: suggestions for further investigation.


Literature Cited



List materials and describe your procedure listing each step in order

of completion.


Got data?  Use data to answer the original question.  Include:


     Tables/Graphs: Report the data;

     graph the data.


     Data Analysis: Summarize trends

     or patterns in the data.  For

     example: as the amount of ....

     increased, the amount of ....


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